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SwitchboardFREE™ is a free online switchboard to manage incoming calls. Ideal for business and home users, it's free to use and will transform the way you work.

Never Miss a Call

All calls are answered. Even if you're out of the office, on the phone or just tied up, all calls are answered by our automated answering service. With 24/7 voicemail, email alerts and a record of every single caller, there's no reason for you to miss another call again.

Set Open and Closed Times

Do you hate recieving calls out of hours? We've got that sorted. By setting your open and closed times, you can decide when to receive calls. After that, any out of hours call is answered and invited to leave a voicemail. This works for Bank and Public Holidays as well.

Monitor Numbers by Mobile

The free iOS and Android Apps let you monitor calls and voicemails from your mobile phone or device. Manage your numbers on the move and have complete control when out of the office.

Queue Calls and Hold Music

Even in busy times, callers will never hear the engaged tone. All calls are answered and placed into a queue with position announcements and a choice of great music while they wait.

54,000 customers can't be wrong!
"I operate a small business from home and I needed a way to stop customer calls in the evening. The switchboard does that perfectly."
Anne Featherington, Bristol
Using SwitchboardFREE™ since 2015

Select Which Calls You Answer

Using a neat feature called Call Whisper, a message plays when you pick up the phone to identify where the call is coming from. If you chose not to take the call, simply put the receiver down and the caller will be told you're not available and invited to leave a voice message.

Press One for Sales

Department selection allows you to route calls to multiple numbers. Easy to setup and use, this feature of the switchboard gives your organisation a truly professional feel.

Reports and Stats

With an advanced record reporting system, you can quickly and easily run custom reports on your incoming calls to identify things like missed calls, busy periods, most productive calls and advertising campaign responses.

Optional Features

A host of optional features are available to enhance the service, including: redirecting calls to mobile phones; sending the caller an SMS message; premium choice national and local phone numbers; real person call answering service.

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SwitchboardFREE™ is available for use by all UK business and residential customers who have a landline telephone number.

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  • free to signup and use
  • no subscription payments
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  • cancel and leave anytime
  • optional extras available
  • for business and home users
  • choice of numbers with instant activation
SwitchboardFREE™ is available to all UK business and residential customers with a landline phone.

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