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SwitchboardFREE™ is a professional phone call management service for business. It's guaranteed to impress your clients and will give you an edge over the competition. It also happens to be free.

A Great First Impression

Using SwitchboardFREE™ gives callers a great first-impression of your business. Calls are answered without delay and handled using the courteous and professional automated system. With multi-department selection (Press One for Sales), queue announcements and the latest chouice of music, callers get an experience far superior to many paid-for switchboard systems.

Hand Picked Numbers

Included free with the switchboard, are five 084 numbers that you can hand-pick from our list of available numbers. Also, for a nominal monthly fee, you can add specific local, geographic, freephone and premium-rate numbers to your account ... giving your business a local precence throughout the UK.

Stay Connected At All Times

The free iOS and Android Apps let you manage your switchoard where ever you are ... whether in the office or on the move. Monitor calls, voicemails, even change your switchboard settings. You have complete control from your mobile phone or mobile device.

Did you know?
Between Adele and the X-Factor Winners, there are over 70 music-on-hold categories to choose from.

Never Miss A Call

All calls are answered. Even if you're out of the office, on the phone or just tied up, all calls are answered by our automated answering service. With 24/7 voicemail, email alerts and a record of every single caller, there's no reason for you to miss another call again.

Utilise Mobile and SMS

Not only can you receive calls and voicemails on mobile phones, you can also use the power of SMS to send any caller a text message. So, if you're unavailable to take their call, the system can send them a text message with an apology or perhaps details of how to reach you. It's a nice touch that can make all the difference to retaining their business.

Increase Productivity

Also included are advanced reporting tools to help you search and manipulate the call traffic data. Do things like: identify busy periods and active markets, study call times and waiting times, even set up campaign reporting to monitor the success of your advertsy.

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SwitchboardFREE™ is available for use by all UK business and residential customers who have a landline telephone number.

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At a glance ...
  • free to signup and use
  • no subscription payments
  • no ongoing contract
  • cancel and leave anytime
  • optional extras available
  • for business and home users
  • choice of numbers with instant activation
SwitchboardFREE™ is available to all UK business and residential customers with a landline phone.

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