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Switchboard For Home Users

Take charge of your calls.


SwitchboardFREE™ is ideally suited for home-based users who want to filter out unwanted calls and take control of their phone. Best of all, it's free.

Only When It Suits You

With SwitchboardFREE™ you can decide when to receive calls. Simply set your open and closed times and anyone calling outside of these times will be told you're not available and invited to leave a voice messagese.

Who's Calling You?

Using a neat feature called Call Whisper, a message plays when you pick up the phone to identify where the call is coming from. If you chose not to take the call, simply put the receiver down and the caller will be told you're not available and invited to leave a voice message.

Did you know?
There's no contract, no subscription payments, no comitment. It's free to use and you can cancel any time.

Don't Give Out Your Home Phone Number

Instead of giving out your home telephone number to websites and questionable contacts, give them the number of your switchboard. Each switchboard user can select up to five 084 numbers, free of charge. Alternatively, you can add a local, geographic, freephone or premium rate number instead. It's up to you be either way ... you remain in control.

Voicemail Included Free

When a caller leaves a voicemail, you receive an email to let you know you've got a message. You can then download it to your computer of mobile phone at any time. All messages are stored for later retrieval.

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SwitchboardFREE™ is available for use by all UK business and residential customers who have a landline telephone number.

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At a glance ...
  • free to signup and use
  • no subscription payments
  • no ongoing contract
  • cancel and leave anytime
  • optional extras available
  • for business and home users
  • choice of numbers with instant activation
SwitchboardFREE™ is available to all UK business and residential customers with a landline phone.

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